5 Dirty Secrets
5 Dirty Secrets
5 Dirty Secrets
5 Dirty Secrets

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Learn enough to be dangerous! This guide helps you learn the secrets that other HVAC don’t tell you. Avoid the pain of wasting time and money on fixing the wrong problems OR hiring the wrong HVAC company. Take control and get a happy and healthy home.

“Always, professional and thorough. They have been that way for a long time!”

Aldo Davidson, customer


5 Dirty Secrets


Learn the dirty secrets and exact questions to ask HVAC companies and the right answers to look for before you start working with them. Interested in DIY? Use the secrets in this guide to steer your project.

5 Dirty Secrets


It takes more than know-how …you need insight to know WHY a home system works the way it does and what levers to pull and WHEN to pull them if you have problems. The best HVAC companies have insight, not just information.

5 Dirty Secrets
5 Dirty Secrets

Hi, my name is Rob Minnick, owner of Minnick’s, we help homeowners find and conquer those hidden comfort issues that plague them most by finding the real issue and not just solving the symptom.

I created this simple guide to help you get the most important questions answered before you book your next heating or cooling appointment. Too often, I meet with homeowners that regret hiring certain HVAC companies that cost them time, money and didn’t deliver what was promised. They wish they had more information in hindsight.

With this guide, you will save yourself time from repeated callbacks, comfort issues, restless nights and money by having the knowledge to ask the right questions.

Without it, you’ll continue to waste time and money trying to figure it out yourself or by working with a less-than-qualified HVAC company with less-than-stellar results.

To a Healthy Home & Healthy Living!

Rob Minnick


“Minnick’s work is excellent and you know your HVAC system is in great hands. More importantly, though, Minnick’s customer service is unparalleled and carries you through the process with ease.” – Holly Leachman, customer

Superior Customer Service. Longtime Minnick’s customer. Tech Steven provided excellent customer service from initial contact to completion. I highly recommend Minnick’s for all your HVAC. – David Pille, customer

This is an extremely professional HVAC company. I cannot emphasize enough how nice they were on the phone, and the tech that came to my home was so professional and friendly. Diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly, I will definitely be signing up with them for my routine maintenance. – Lisa DeVries, customer

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