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The freeze and thaw of a Maryland winter allow ice dams to form on homes that don’t have proper attic insulation. How to prevent ice dams and icicles from forming so you don’t have costly repairs inside your home. 


For some, the garage is nothing more than a glorified storage unit, packed ceiling to floor with boxes, heirlooms, and all of those housewarming gifts that weren’t even worth opening. For others, the garage is actually a place to park their vehicles (crazy, we know). And yet others find unique uses for their garages. Some… Read more »


If we told you that there was a material out there that was both fire retardant and an excellent source of insulation, what would you say? Would you jump at the opportunity to have such a material used in your home? Well, for most of the twentieth century, home builders and homeowners did. The only… Read more »

Minnick’s Inc. Joins New DOE Residential Network

Minnick’s Inc. has become a new member of the new U.S. Department of Energy Better Buildings Residential Network, which connects energy efficiency programs and partners to share best practices and learn from each other to dramatically increase the number of American homes that are energy efficient. The Better Buildings Residential Network launched on April 30,… Read more »

Secret Way To Saving Money on Baltimore Utility Bills

Heating and cooling are one of the largest expenses for Baltimore homeowners, making up nearly half of a homeowner’s energy use. It’s a big expense, and many homes lose a lot of that conditioned air through air duct leaks. Yet, ductwork is the least-noticed part of your HVAC system. That’s why it’s the secret way… Read more »

The Consequences of Delaying HVAC Maintenance

consequences of delaying spring hvac maintenance

UPDATED 2/28/2018 It’s the message you hear every fall and spring from heating and cooling companies — schedule your annual HVAC maintenance! If you ignore the warnings and don’t have your air conditioner inspected and repaired each spring, you may pay the price when the temperature soars! There are short-term and long-term consequences to delaying HVAC… Read more »

How Does Blower Door Testing Work In An Energy Audit?

During a home energy audit, the auditor attaches a blower door to your front door. This special door detects air leaks in your home. It’s a great test to find sources of energy loss and solutions to fix them. How does a blower door work? Founded in 1954, Minnick’s takes a Whole-Home approach to comfort…. Read more »

How a Maryland Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Audit Works

Maryland home performance with energy audit

Have you noticed hot or cold rooms in your home or uneven heating and cooling? Have you experienced drafty areas? Does your home have a mold infestation or musty odor? What about window moisture or peeling paint? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from a Maryland home energy audit.

Maryland Green Building Consultants

energy efficiency consulting

Green homes are a new construction trend. Energy savings are built into these homes during construction. Energy-efficient homes lower utility bills, provide better indoor air quality (IAQ), reduce asthma and allergy symptoms, increase home value, and decrease your carbon footprint.

How Energy Audits Improve Allergy And Asthma Symptoms

Maryland allergies

Spring is always a welcome sight after a long Maryland winter. If you suffer from allergies, spring is a beautiful but tough time of year. Most people assume pollen, grass, and other debris floating in the air causes their allergy symptoms. While those things don’t help them, they’re not the only cause. The quality of… Read more »