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Why Is The Second Level Of My House Hotter Than The First?

There is nothing more aggravating than performing your nightly routine after a long day, only to go upstairs and be greeted by a thick wave of heat. What's preventing [...]

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The Career Path for an HVAC Technician in Central Maryland

Job opportunities are endless after completing a Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC) training program. HVAC has always been and stands always to be an in-demand profession in [...]

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7 Signs Your AC Needs To Be Replaced

Replacing your AC might not seem ideal at first, but your energy bill or a home performance audit might tell a different tale. A poorly functioning air conditioner can [...]

Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections

Minnick’s strives to keep you and your family safe, happy, and healthy in your homes. That’s why we offer annual HVAC inspections alongside our 24/7 remote monitoring of your [...]

Types of Cooling Systems for Your Home

As the hottest months of the year quickly approach, one of the most important components you can have is a proper cooling system for your home. A good cooling [...]

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