Choosing an HVAC Contractor

What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor

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Looking for an HVAC contractor who will do a quality install?

There is no shortage of HVAC contractors out there, but how do you make sure that you’re choosing an HVAC contractor who will do the job right the first time?

Do you just pick a contractor at random? Or is there a list of qualities to look for?

It can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. There’s no need to pick an HVAC contractor at random.

In this post, we’ll help you find the perfect HVAC contractor by giving you a list of questions to ask yourself. Use these questions to identify the right contractor for you.

Is the HVAC contractor licensed, bonded, and insured?

Every HVAC technician should be licensed by your state contractor licensing board. No excuses. As part of your due diligence, ask for their license number and look it up on your state’s licensing board to ensure that it’s valid and up-to-date.

Likewise, every HVAC contractor should be fully insured. This protects your home because accidents happen.

Can the HVAC contractor provide references?

In addition to positive reviews of their website, any quality HVAC contractor should be able to provide references upon request. Don’t just ask for references, actually call them and ask questions to determine what level of service that contractor provided them.

Does the HVAC contractor have experience and receive ongoing training?

If given the option, go with a contractor who has a wealth of experience. There are some things an HVAC technician can only learn as a result of encountering problems on the job. It’s also important to choose a contractor who is updated on the latest HVAC trends and information. So, opt for a contractor who receives HVAC-related training regularly.

Does the HVAC Contractor require their employees to have ongoing training?

It’s not enough for the contractor alone to receive training. Their employees should also be knowledgeable about HVAC-related news, equipment, and trends. The technicians are the ones who install, monitor, and update your equipment. By receiving regular training, they can better assist you with your HVAC needs.

Does the HVAC contractor have a reputable website?

In this day and age, every reputable HVAC company should have their own branded website for you to check their reviews and services offered.

Have you checked out their reviews?

The HVAC contractor should place reviews of their service on their site for you to read. If they don’t have those reviews readily accessible, it could be a red flag.

Is their price too good to be true?

Remember the old axiom: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are industry standard costs for repairing and replacing HVAC equipment. It’s impossible to get the exact same service for thousands less.

Always avoid suspiciously low prices. When pricing out your HVAC project, there shouldn’t be an extreme difference in prices.

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

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Has the HVAC contractor asked you the right questions?

Before they can provide you with accurate recommendations, your contractor will need to ask questions to learn more about your unit and your home. If they don’t ask these questions, but instead offer a hurried price off the top of the mind, be worried. This price is likely to ratchet up when the project is underway.

Does your contractor stand by their work?

Don’t trust any HVAC contractor who’s unwilling to issue a 100% money back guarantee. There’s only one reason why they wouldn’t do that: It’s because they’re not confident that they can deliver top-notch service, and that’s definitely a company that you want to steer clear of.

Is the contractor nationally recognized through the ACCA?

The ACCA stands for Air Conditioning Contractors of America. It’s a respected nationwide, non-profit association for HVAC professionals that was established in 1968. This organization writes the standards for HVAC excellence, and provides an extensive library of educational resources to its members.

When searching for a HVAC contractor, definitely go through ACCA instead of Yelp or Google because the list is filtered to show you contractors who have been accredited by ACCA and recognized as top professionals in their field. You can search for a certified HVAC contractor here.

Check Out This Resource

To assist you with finding a quality HVAC, ACCA has created a list of questions to ask yourself when reviewing contractor proposals. Here’s a brief sample of the questions. (Click here to grab the extended checklist of questions.)

Before installation:

Did the contractor review the load calculation for your home?
Load calculation focuses on the building’s size, location, orientation, and construction materials, such as types of siding and insulation.

Did the contractor research the manufacturer’s performance data and discuss it with you?
Your HVAC contractor should want to educate you on your options so that you can be more informed when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

Did the contractor discuss your duct system’s condition with you?
Many times, the problem isn’t your HVAC unit itself, but instead, leaky ductwork. Ill-fitting ducts can lead to higher consumption and the premature death of your HVAC equipment.

Would you like to see how much you could save by upgrading your ductwork? Click here for our free savings calculator.

During installation:

Will the contractor measure your unit’s airflow?
Optimal airflow is a top priority for any HVAC system. Your contractor should measure the airflow to ensure that there are no possible leaks in the system.

Will the contractor perform tests on your thermostat?
Your thermostat must be carefully calibrated to your HVAC equipment. Otherwise, it could lead to higher energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Will the contract check for electrical soundness?
If the wiring in your system is faulty, it could create a host of connectivity issues. A quality HVAC contractor will always check your unit’s wiring.

After installation:

Will the contractor provide a list of maintenance recommendations for the equipment?
Additionally, the HVAC contractor should pass along a copy of the owner’s manuals, manufacturer’s warranty, and their own warranty. This ensures that you’re aware of upcoming maintenance needs if there’s ever a problem.

More Tips for Finding an HVAC Contractor

Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Keep the following in mind when shopping for an HVAC contactor:

You should shop around

When deciding which HVAC contractor to go with, be sure to shop around. Don’t just settle with the first contractor without knowing who else is out there. You may end up paying too much for your HVAC solution. It’s sad to say, but you’ll inevitably run into unscrupulous HVAC contractors who will persuade you to spend thousands of dollars installing a new system when the actual fix would be substantially less.

Check out third party review sites

While it’s recommended that you find a certified HVAC contractor through the ACCA, don’t stop there. After making a list of your top 3-5 HVAC contractor choices, it’s a good idea to check out a third party review site, like the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Ensure that they offer free in-home estimates

Your HVAC contractor should either come to your home or offer a virtual visit before providing you with an estimate for service. And you shouldn’t need to pay for this service. It should be offered for free. This way, you will be able to get multiple quotes.

The Bottom Line

When choosing an HVAC contractor, remember to consider the above tips. The last thing you want is to choose the wrong contractor, a mistake that could end up costing you thousands.

And since you’re searching for an HVAC company, definitely consider Minnicks. We offer top-quality services that’s backed by our worry free guarantee. If we can’t make it 100% right, it’s 100% free. Here are the areas that we serve.

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What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor
What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor
What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor
What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor
What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor
What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor
What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Contractor