Do you suffer from headaches, dry throat, or allergy-like symptoms? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Ever notice that you feel better when you have left your house and are around different air?

  • Indoor air quality can become contaminated by any number of biological contaminants. This
    can include bacteria, viruses, animal dander, cat saliva, house dust, mites, insects, rodents,
    pollens, molds, mildews, and more.
  • Additional pollutants may include building materials, paints, glues, carpets, piping, water
    supply, metals, and more. Many newly constructed homes can have these issues in addition to
    older homes.
  • Moisture and humidity is a breeding ground for issues, inviting insects and rodents, and causing
    molds and mildews to grow in both visible and invisible areas of your home.
  • If you regularly take long, steamy showers or you’re frequently steaming or boiling foods,
    these can also be contributing factors.
  • Even something as simple as the kind of vacuum cleaner you’re using or storing certain
    household products in a certain way can be significant contributing factors.

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