PRESS RELEASE – Minnick’s Launches Buy 1 Give 1 Indoor Air Quality Check Ups In Honor of National IAQ Month

Minnick’s provides a new way to approach HVAC that prioritizes indoor air quality and total home comfort by looking at the entire home as a system so families can experience a comfortable, healthy and efficient home.

LAUREL, Maryland – Rob Minnick, President of Minnick’s, today announced their indoor air quality initiative as a way to raise awareness and health in the community during National IAQ Month. Available exclusively at local homeowners will be able to access a buy one give one IAQ assessment so they can experience a healthier home for their families.

“At Minnick’s we understand keeping your family healthy is a top priority” said Rob Minnick. A healthy family starts with a healthy home, specifically the air your are breathing in the home. Contaminants in the air could be making you and your family sick which makes you feel concerned that this could be going on without even realizing it. Your family deserves a safe and healthy refuge to call home.

We understand what it’s like to be worried about the health of your family that’s why we are offering buy one give one IAQ check ups through the end of November where every $99 IAQ Check Up purchased unlocks a complimentary Check Up for a friend or family member of your choosing, so you and those you love can breathe easy their home is a safe and healthy place for their family.

You can take advantage of the buy one give one IAQ check up by visiting or calling 301-605-9112. A IAQ professional from Minnick’s will then come out and perform your check up and create an action plan for you to review together. This allows you to make informed decisions about the right solutions to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

We live in a time where protecting our families and the air they breathe is of the highest priority, and we understand families deserve peace of mind about their healthy in their own home. This all begins with indoor air quality, and we are there from diagnosis through solutions” concluded Rob Minnick.

We make it our priority to keep you healthy in your home. Contact us today to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment!


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