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7 Warning Signs Your Home Has Air Leaks and Drafts

7 Signs of Air Leak Cover

Are you in the market to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Air sealing is an excellent starting point. Your home’s heating and cooling system can account for roughly 43 percent of your monthly energy bill, so you can save a lot of money by ensuring that as much of your conditioned air as possible remains… Read more »

Why Are Some Rooms In My House Colder Or Warmer Than Others?

Why Are Some Rooms In My House Colder Or Warmer Than Others_

Do you have one room in your house, such as your bedroom or basement, that always seems to be colder or hotter than the others? Temperature inconsistencies are one of the most common issues many homeowners have to deal with. At Minnick’s, we help Maryland homeowners solve temperature imbalances all the time and we understand… Read more »

How To Lower Your Winter Heating Bill

15 ways to lower your winter utility bills

During the winter, most Maryland homeowners heat their homes to 70-degrees or more. It’s inevitable that some heat will escape through the walls, ductwork, roof, windows, doors, chimney, vents, and floor. The more your house leaks, the more money you’ll pay to stay comfortable. We’re showing you 15 ways to lower your winter heating bill.

7 Ways To Feel Comfortable At Home And Save Energy

Minnick''s 7 ways to feel comfortable at home

Is your air conditioner running full blast this summer, pushing your Maryland electric bill into an uncomfortable zone? Americans spend $11 billion on air conditioning costs, according to the Department of Energy.  The seven steps you can take to feel comfortable at home while lowering your summer utility bills.

Pepco & BGE Energy Rebates Offer Savings Up To $7500

bge and pepco energy rebate

Tired of high utility bills? Save energy and save money with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. The latest program offers increased incentives, up to $7500 or 75-percent of your project. BGE, Pepco, DPL, SMECO, & Potomac Edison customers are eligible to save energy, save money, and increase Whole-Home Comfort.


You hear it all the time. Turn down the heat and turn on the ceiling fan. It will help you save money on your monthly energy bills. But will it really? Is a ceiling fan really an energy efficient option? BREAKING DOWN THE EFFICIENCY OF CEILING FANS Airflow is measured in cubic feet per min… Read more »

Are Flex Ducts Energy Efficient?

Heating and cooling accounts for roughly 56% of a home’s energy use, making HVAC the largest energy expense for most homeowners. And your ducts play an important role in this statistic. Are flex ducts, ones that are flexible rather than rigid, the answer to energy efficiency? It depends.

The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs

secret to lowering winter heating costs

UPDATED 1/15/2018 In the winter months, it’s possible to stay warm without skyrocketing heating bills. If you have cold or drafty rooms, uneven temperatures, or overall discomfort during the winter it’s time to find out why. A home energy audit is the secret to lower winter heating costs. It provides you with problems and solutions.