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Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable

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Smart Maintenance with Comfort MonitoringHas your heating and cooling equipment ever failed you? Often it’s at the worst time — when it’s hot or freezing. Smart Maintenance takes the worry out of HVAC ownership. It’s possible to make your HVAC system smart and enjoy more comfort for just the price of a cup of coffee!

There are all sorts of smart devices. They’re changing the way we live and saving us money.

You can turn off electronics automatically with smart power strips. Smart thermostats offer remote temperature control. Smart sensors monitor your HVAC equipment spotting issues before they become a problem.

Minnick’s is proud to offer the latest in smart HVAC technology so you can feel more comfortable and save money.

Smart Maintenance offers monthly monitoring so you always know what’s happening with your heating and cooling system. Plus, it’s affordable. For just the price of a cup of coffee, $4 a month, you can make your HVAC system smart.

How Smart Maintenance works

So, how does this smart HVAC technology protect you? Custom sensors are the secret. They gather data every time your system runs, delivering never-before-seen information.

The sensors collect information when your heat or A/C turns on. Then, your Wi-Fi network automatically sends that data to the Smart Maintenance Monitoring Center.

The sensors predict, prevent, and protect.

First, Smart Maintenance prevents HVAC breakdowns, detecting up to 80-percent of HVAC failures before they occur. The system keeps your HVAC running when you need it most.

The sensors alert you to concerns like a clogged filter, failing part, and declining energy efficiency. Knowing about these issues ahead of time prevents unexpected breakdowns.

When the system senses a problem, it alerts you and your contractor. You’ll even know in advance about a possible solution.

So, you’re always in the know even if you’re on the go! Do you travel for work, or do you spend the winter months in a warmer climate? Smart Maintenance alerts you to what’s happening at home and keeps an eye on your heating system when you can’t.

Secondly, Smart Maintenance checks for accurate repairs and installation of new equipment.

Forty percent of HVAC systems can’t perform as expected due to installation problems. That’s according to the EPA.

When that happens, you experience more breakdowns. Plus, your system doesn’t last as long when there’s more wear and tear.

Extend the life of your HVAC system, save money on your utility bills, and enjoy peace of mind comfort 24-7-365.

Minnicks Comfort MonitoringSave money on heating and cooling

Incredibly, the Environmental Protection Agency estimates 70-percent of HVAC systems don’t perform like they should. How does that affect homeowners? With higher utility bills.

With remote monthly monitoring and urgent alerts, you’re never in the dark about your system’s performance.

Every month, the system checks 32 components. That delivers

An energy audit is the only other way to get a glimpse into your home’s efficiency. Even with that, it’s a one-time snapshot. Compare that to monthly reports from a Smart Maintenance system. For example, you’ll know how long your system ran and expected energy costs.

The information it collects allows you to manage your heating and cooling system, so it performs better and saves you money.

Minnick’s smart HVAC maintenance

Smart Maintenance also offers priority benefits. These include discounts on repairs, no diagnostic fees, and maintenance when you need it.

Minnick’s offers same-day repair appointments for Smart Maintenance customers. There is no upcharge for after-hours, weekend, or holiday service.

Smart Maintenance makes your heating and cooling system smart by alerting you to issues before they become problems.

Let smart technology work for you! Minnick’s Smart Maintenance saves you energy, money, and improves your whole-home comfort.

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Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable
Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable
Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable
Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable
Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable
Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable
Smart Maintenance: 32 Ways To Feel More Comfortable