secret to lowering winter heating costs

The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs

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secret to lowering winter heating costsUPDATED 1/15/2018 In the winter months, it’s possible to stay warm without skyrocketing heating bills. If you have cold or drafty rooms, uneven temperatures, or overall discomfort during the winter it’s time to find out why. A home energy audit is the secret to lower winter heating costs. It provides you with problems and solutions.

Maryland Energy Audit
We depend on our heat in the winter. While most Maryland homeowners believe it’s the source of their comfort, your HVAC is only one piece of the energy efficiency puzzle. In addition to your HVAC, your attic insulation, ductwork, and windows affect the temperature in your home. In order to feel comfortable during the winter and summer, all the systems need to work together. How do you find out if that’s happening?
The answer: Minnick’s Energy Audits 

Minnick’s Healthy Home Energy Audit includes an inspection of your HVAC system, your home, insulation, and ductwork. These are the main components responsible for your comfort.

In addition, the auditor uses several tools and techniques, such as a blower door test, to locate your issue (or issues) and provide you with solutions to remedy the problem.

According to, “You can save 5%-30% on your energy bill by making upgrades following a home energy assessment.” Minnick’s energy audit customers see savings quickly.
During Minnick’s Energy Audit, the auditor does a complete room-by-room inspection of your home. An energy audit is an ideal solution for homeowners or business owners who notice inadequate heating or cooling, warm or cold spots, high energy bills, mold or mildew, or issues with humidity.

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Maryland BGE and Pepco customers qualify for special incentives to get an energy audit. Pay just $100 for Minnick’s Energy Audit. Then, qualify for up to $7500 in rebates for qualifying home improvements.

Energy audit benefits include:

  1. Better comfort
  2. Fewer HVAC breakdowns
  3. Longer lasting equipment
  4. Lower utility bills

Minnick’s customers see energy savings quickly, after making home improvements. Plus, BGE and Pepco customers qualify for energy rebates up to $7500. In addition, the audit only costs $100 for these Maryland utility customers.


Duct sealing is a second way to lower your winter heating costs. Believe it or not, duct leakage is one of the three energy wasters in most homes. It is also one of the leading causes of poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Duct Sealing reduces duct leakage while improving energy efficiency and IAQ. Duct sealing should be done after duct testing. That way you know your ducts are properly sized.

Attic insulation

Secondly, check your attic insulation. Without the proper amount of attic insulation, your HVAC system will struggle to maintain your desired temperature settings. This can lead to decreased comfort and high energy bills. Properly insulating your attic, meanwhile, could save you as much as 20% on your heating and cooling costs. And don’t get us started about ice dams.

HVAC System

Finally, an HVAC system energy audit tests your HVAC system’s performance. It’s in addition to the basic home energy audit. When your heating, cooling, and ventilation work efficiently, your home will feel comfortable and you’ll save money. Your comfort and bank account suffer when there are unresolved issues affecting HVAC performance.

Odds are that your energy issues are not the cause of anyone area of your home. After all, your home is a system. When one part of a system is failing or malfunctioning, it affects performance.

Minnick’s Energy Audit


Smart Maintenance

Minnick’s also offers a way to maintain your energy-efficient improvements. Smart Maintenance is cutting edge technology that monitors your HVAC system’s performance.

Get monthly alerts, with never before seen information on your HVAC system’s performance.

Plus, get urgent alerts that prevent up to 80-percent of HVAC breakdowns.

Predict and prevent breakdowns, and protect your Whole-Home Comfort with Smart Maintenance.

Homeowners think about energy efficiency in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter because utility bills go up and comfort goes down. However, your home’s performance affects your utility bills year-round. An energy audit is a cost-effective way to find out if your home is energy efficient.

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The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs
The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs
The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs
The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs
The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs
The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs
The Secret To Lowering Winter Heating Costs