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Top 3 Furnace Brands in 2021 – Homeowner Buying Guide

If you’re considering replacing your home’s furnace unit, there are many factors to consider:  price, lifespan, warranties, energy efficiency ratings, fuel source, and brand are just a few of [...]

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An Honest Review of the Ecobee Smart Thermostat: Features and Price

Are you considering buying or upgrading a smart thermometer? With so many options available it’s difficult to understand how to make these decisions. Smart thermostats are becoming increasingly popular [...]

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Is Your Furnace Making A Loud Banging Noise? Delayed Ignition May Be The Cause

Is your gas furnace making a loud banging or thumping noise when you turn it on? If so, you know exactly how concerning those noises can be! At Minnick's, [...]

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