When the weather turns cooler in autumn, most homeowners prepare to “winterize” their homes. It’s important to keep your house warm and secure during the cold winter months by clearing leaves out of the gutters; sealing leaky windows; and inspecting your furnace, HVAC ducts, and hot water radiant heating system.

Minnick’s has a 24/7 call center to handle any furnace emergencies, including the dreaded furnace breakdown that always seems to happen on the coldest night of the year. Minnick’s service technicians are only a phone call away when your furnace needs urgent repair, and fix problems on-site during a service call.

When scheduling your furnace’s annual inspection, you might want to move your plans up a few months. Think the start of school, not the end of football season.

No matter what kind of furnace you have or heating fuel it uses, it should have an annual inspection from a Minnick’s service technician. And it’s much better to have this service done before your furnace is called into daily use.

A Minnick’s furnace inspection service is designed to check all elements of your home’s heating system, from the thermostat, connections, and all furnace components. Our inspection also helps ensure that your heating system operates with maximum energy efficiency when the cold weather comes.

Check out Minnick’s 16-Point Heating Service Checklist for everything we cover with our furnace inspection. And even though football season is almost over, it’s not too late to schedule your furnace inspection with Minnick’s.  Call Minnick’s at (301) 605-9112 today to make sure your home stays warm all winter long!