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Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections

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Minnick’s strives to keep you and your family safe, happy, and healthy in your homes. That’s why we offer annual HVAC inspections alongside our 24/7 remote monitoring of your home’s HVAC system, so we’re alerted immediately if something goes wrong and we can send a qualified technician out to your house ASAP to take a look. That way you’re never in the dark about whether or not your HVAC is operating at its peak performance! And remember: our work is 100% right or 100% free! 

Why It’s Important to Keep Your HVAC Up-To-Date

The HVAC system in your home may be overlooked, but we can always tell when it’s not working correctly. That is why proper maintenance of your system is so important. If your HVAC is not properly kept up, you could have some pretty big problems on your hands. 

The drain lines in your unit could become clogged with dust, dirt, mold, or mildew, and moisture trying to escape will need somewhere else to go and could cause a leak. Dirty air filters could cause the HVAC system to overload and trip your circuit breaker. Refrigerant leaks can be costly and your cooling unit needs this working fluid in order to function. Dirty igniters or burners in your furnace could cause heating problems in the winter, and dirty coils could run up your energy bill and negatively affect the quality of the air you breathe. That’s why it’s very important to use our Remote Maintenance service so that you can identify and address problems before they become unmanageable. 

What We Offer in Our Remote Maintenance Plan 

Minnick’s Remote Maintenance plan uses cutting-edge technology to monitor your HVAC system remotely 24/7 and detect up to 80% of HVAC issues before they happen. 

For just $19 per month, you’ll receive monthly reports with unprecedented insight into system performance and energy efficiency, and you could reduce your energy use by up to 20%.

In addition, you’ll receive VIP Rewards Club Membership, which includes priority front-of-line scheduling for service, a 10% discount on all services and parts, and reward points. Remote Maintenance is the optimal way to ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to the status of your HVAC system, your energy usage, and repair alerts. 

If you choose our Remote Maintenance plan, a Minnick’s trained technician will complete a remote maintenance inspection on your HVAC twice a year. This means that you can enjoy whole-home comfort year-round with peace of mind. 

Keen Home Pro

Our remote maintenance plan relies on a powerhouse of remote intelligence designed to save you time, money, and inconveniences. We use Keen Home Performance monitors to audit your HVAC systems 24/7, 365 days a year. 

The Keen Home Performance sensor will monitor 30+ distinct HVAC system alerts that could possibly malfunction. The installation of The Keen Home Pro links each part of your HVAC system into one single platform to be monitored efficiently through cloud networks testing your equipment in real-time and like never before. At Minnick’s, we’ve got everything we need to keep your HVAC in exceptional working condition so that you can continue living comfortably. 

To learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans, visit this page.

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Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections
Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections
Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections
Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections
Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections
Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections
Take Advantage of Minnick’s Annual HVAC Inspections