many benefits of spring air conditioner maintenanceUPDATE 2/19/2018 Spring in Maryland brings out the flowers, birds, and green grass. While the temperatures are not warm enough to turn on your air conditioner just yet, you know summer is right around the corner. That’s why spring is the perfect time for yearly air conditioner maintenance. Here are the best 6 reasons to get air conditioner maintenance every year.

Best Benefits of Maryland A/C Maintenance

Few tasks pay off more handsomely than spring AC maintenance. You’ll experience better comfort and savings.

The benefits of maintaining your air conditioner include:

  1. More comfort
  2. Fewer breakdowns
  3. Longer lasting air conditioner
  4. Energy Savings
  5. Better indoor air quality
  6. Convenience

So, what does the HVAC technician do during yearly A/C maintenance? Minnick’s qualified technicians conduct a comprehensive, 20 step service check of your cooling system. Over time, dirt and debris build-up on your air conditioner. That’s why the inspection includes cleaning, an inspection of parts, and lubrication of parts to keep your unit running longer.

Improved comfort is the first benefit of preventative air conditioner maintenance. When you set your thermostat to cool, you’ll feel it, when you maintain your system.

Secondly, you’ll have fewer breakdowns. Like your car, your HVAC runs smoother with regular maintenance. When you drive more than 3-5,000 miles with the same batch of oil, it affects the car’s driveability. Same thing with your heating and cooling system.

When there are problems, the air conditioner works harder. Long-term that shortens the air conditioner’s life.

Air conditioners get a lot of use during Maryland summers. When you have it inspected and serviced, you ensure it’s running as efficiently a possible, which lowers your summer utility bill.

Fifth, air quality improves with regular maintenance. That’s because the HVAC technician cleans the air conditioner and replaces your air filter if needed. While homeowners can undoubtedly replace their own air filter, and should throughout the year, you can count on it getting down during the yearly air conditioner tune-up.

With a clean air filter, your unit runs more efficiently, and your indoor air quality improves. That is especially important if a family member suffers from asthma or allergies. There are a lot of ways you can improve asthma and allergy symptoms at home, and air filters are one of them.

Also, the inspection includes an inspection of your air conditioner coils. Dirt and debris build up over time. This affects the efficiency of your A/C and the air you breathe inside your home. If the coils are dirty, your HVAC technician may recommend cleaning them. It’s typically a separate service.

Finally, it’s convenient for you to get your unit serviced before the summer rush. Once the temperature rises, demand increases for service. Getting maintenance done in the spring ensures your house is ready for the notoriously hot and humid Maryland summers. Plus, you’ll save money on a spring A/C tune-up. Many HVAC companies, including Minnick’s, run deals for HVAC maintenance in the spring.

Smart MaintenanceSmart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance is another way you can stay comfortable all summer long. How would you like to be alerted to HVAC problems before they happen? That’s possible with Smart Maintenance. The cutting-edge technology catches up to 80-percent of HVAC issues.

It’s the latest smart home innovation, and in Maryland, you’ll only find it at Minnick’s.

The Smart Maintenance system remotely checks your HVAC every month. You get 12 HVAC checks rather than one, and it only costs $4 a month. It offers more benefits for less than a traditional HVAC service agreement.

While the system makes your HVAC smart, Minnick’s still recommends a yearly HVAC inspection. You’ll only need one, though, rather than the typical spring and fall inspection.

There are many benefits to yearly A/C maintenance. Don’t skip out as there are consequences to delaying the tune-up that you’ll feel that summer and beyond.

Choose the experts in Whole-Home Comfort for your Montgomery and Howard County air conditioner maintenance. So, you can enjoy all that a Maryland spring and summer offer.