energy audit improves home performance

Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit

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energy audit improves home performanceDo you have high utility bills yet you still feel uncomfortable at home? You probably need an energy audit. It’s a low-cost way to find the source of heating and cooling problems. Here are 10 of the top reasons to get an energy audit. Top 10 reasons to get a Maryland energy audit

 1. Special energy audit pricing and rebates

First, an energy audit triples your savings. You save on utility bills and the energy audit. Plus, if you’re a BGE or Pepco customer you can save up to $7500 or 75-percent of the project cost for improvements.

Rebates cover air sealing, insulation, duct sealing, and HVAC replacement and upgrades. While rebates vary by project, a heat pump (16 SEER, 9.0 HSPRF, without ECM) qualifies for $1416 rebate. Central air conditioning (18 SEER with ECM) earns a $1231 rebate.

BGE and Pepco customers pay only $100 for an energy audit. That’s a savings of $300.

Trust the experts in home performance for your next energy audit.

2. Test your home’s performance

Ever wonder if your home is efficient? Your utility bill is your only gauge. Some utility companies offer bill comparisons for neighborhoods. It’s only a snapshot of your home’s efficiency though. Even if your bills appear average, it doesn’t mean much.

An energy audit provides specific data about your home and ways to improve its efficiency. It gets this data with specialized tools and testing.

3. Find energy-efficient solutions

It’s hard to solve a problem if you don’t know the source of the issue. Yet, many homeowners look for energy-efficient solutions without fully knowing the problem. Once a homeowner feels drafts, they add caulking around the windows. That may be only one source of the drafts that you feel. Therefore, patching the problem likely won’t be as effective as looking at the other problems in the home.

An energy audit pinpoints the sources of energy loss and finds solutions to the problems. It’s the only definitive way to enjoy Whole-Home Comfort.

Whole-Home Comfort

4. Achieve Whole-Home Comfort

Fourth, an energy audit ensures you achieve Whole-Home Comfort. This is important if you have rooms that are drafty, stuffy, or difficult to heat and cool.

Your home is one big system with many components. The insulation, HVAC system, ductwork, and exhaust vents all contribute to your comfort. The Smart Approach to Whole-Home Comfort makes sure all the systems work together.

Minnick’s is a pioneer in Whole-Home Comfort. We approach all Maryland HVAC repairs and replacements with the Whole-Home concept.

It’s simple science. Insulation is important, but it’s only one part of the comfort puzzle. Installing insulation may lower your utility bills, but it won’t insulate as much as it could if the home has other sources of energy loss.

The same concept applies to HVAC replacement. Even the most energy-efficient HVAC system won’t perform as expected if there are problems in other parts of your home.

Before you add insulation or seal your ductwork, get an energy audit for your Maryland home. It reveals other sources of energy loss.

By addressing Whole-Home Comfort, rooms won’t be too hot or too cold. You’ll feel comfortable all year round in every room in your house.

5. Lower utility bills

Fifth, lower your utility bills with an audit. Typically, the auditor recommends additional insulation, sealing air leaks, fixing leaks in ductwork, or upgrading your HVAC system to increase your home’s performance and lower your energy use.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates these improvements reduce energy use up to 30-percent. So, how much money is that? It’s about $400 in savings, based on the average cost to heat and cool a home.

Minnick’s customers see savings quickly.

6. Fewer HVAC breakdowns

Sixth, experience fewer HVAC breakdowns with an energy audit. When your HVAC system works efficiently, your equipment doesn’t work as hard. That means you’re not calling the repairman as often. Yet, another way to save money.

In addition, Minnick’s offers smart technology that prevents breakdowns 24-7-365. Smart Maintenance offers remote monthly monitoring and alerts you to HVAC problems before they happen for just $4 a month, plus installation.

Whether you choose an energy audit or constant monitoring, your HVAC equipment will break down less. As a result, your equipment will last longer.

7. Improve indoor air quality

Can you believe it? The air quality in our homes is often worse than what we breathe outside. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. That’s why some homeowners add houseplants to improve air quality.

Another option is Minnick’s Healthy Home Energy Audit. It gets to the bottom of air quality problems in your home, including moisture and humidity issues. At the end of the audit, you’ll have steps you can take to breathe easier at home.

8. Safety checks

How many times a day do you do laundry or cook on the stove? These common household tasks rely on proper venting to keep you safe. Next, a Maryland energy audit checks the safety of common household appliances.

The energy auditor also checks the air for carbon monoxide. The odorless, colorless gas kills if levels rise to dangerous levels.

9. Free energy-saving products

Another benefit — FREE energy-saving products.

These include LEDs, faucet aerators, efficient-flow showerheads, water heater pipe insulation, smart power strip, and ShowerStart showerhead adapters. You can’t beat free!

10. Increase your home value

Finally, your home value goes up when you add insulation, seal leaks, or upgrade your HVAC equipment.

According to a study published in the Appraisal Journal, the market value of home increases by $20 for every $1 decrease in annual energy costs.

So, what are you waiting for? With 10 reasons to get an energy audit, it’s clear the small $100 fee pays off.

Plus, BGE and Pepco customers have the opportunity to triple their savings. Funding is limited with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

Even if you don’t qualify for special pricing, the investment in an energy audit pays off for homeowners quickly.

top 10 reasons to get an energy audit

With these 10 reasons in mind, trust the pioneers and experts in Whole-Home Comfort for your next energy audit.


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Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit
Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit
Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit
Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit
Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit
Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit
Top 10 Reasons To Get A Maryland Energy Audit