One of the scariest factors of mold growth is that many homeowners do not realize that their house may already be infected. Mold thrives in humid temperatures on materials such as wood, paper, carpet, leather, and foods, and may be extremely hard to spot.


Mold emits a musty, rank odor, and can come in many different colors, ranging from black and gray to orange and green. Typically, any place that collects moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements, is a perfect breeding ground for mold growth.



Some people are extremely sensitive to mold, especially if they already have asthma or other allergies, and, because mold spores are small and easily inhaled, it could be extremely dangerous to continue living in a home that has mold growth.


  1. Control the temperature in your house. Not only is this more energy-efficient, but mold loves to grow in hot, humid climates or on surfaces with condensation.
  2. Clean, disinfect, and dry. Surfaces that get wet often, such as bathrooms or kitchens, should be dried immediately and cleaned and disinfected more often.
  3. Run your exhaust fan. This is a great way to prevent mold buildup in bathrooms during and after hot, steamy showers.
  4. Make sure your house has no standing water. Look for puddles or damp spots around refrigerators, freezers, windows, basement doors, hot water tanks, and sump pumps.
  5. Repair your leaky windows, doors, and pipes. You should replace old, disintegrating pipes as soon as you realize that there is a leak.mold_behind_furniture-259x253
  6. Cover your crawl space. Moisture from the soil can significantly increase humidity in the crawl space, and therefore, the rest of the house.
  7. Store your clothes in a dry place. Wet clothes should always be dried before they are put away.
  8. Buy a dehumidifier. A whole-house dehumidifier, while more expensive, is worthwhile for people that live in humid climates.
  9. Clean out your gutters and downspouts. When gutters or downspouts are left to collect leaves or other debris, water can become trapped against your roof.
  10. Size your air conditioning unit. Having a professional size your air conditioning unit specifically for your house will prevent wasted energy and AC that constantly runs, cooling wet surfaces and creating condensation.

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