beat the heat with minnick's

Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick’s

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When it comes to upgrading your cooling system, the early bird gets the worm. Once the heat of summer rolls in and cooling systems begin to turn on, many find their equipment is on the fritz and starting to break down, and that’s when Central Maryland books our schedule up quickly.

Avoid the summer rush, stay away from emergency replacement costs and hassles, and keep ahead of your current system biting the dust! 

Be on the lookout for signs your existing system needs to be replaced. Know what to look for with this list on how to beat the heat this summer:

If your existing system is past life expectancy.

Most central air conditioning systems run well and efficiently for about twenty years. After that,

they begin to lose steam. If you’ve had your central AC for over twenty years, you’ll find big energy savings by switching to a new model.

If your existing system has frequent breakdowns.

Regular maintenance of a cooling system is common, but if you find yourself calling your repair technician multiple times a year, you should consider replacing it. If you don’t, chances are you might end up spending more on repairs and energy costs than it’s worth.

If your existing system still uses outdated refrigerant.

Most central ACs use either R-410A (Puron) or R-22 (Freon). In 2010, freon was discontinued as part of an initiative to phase out ozone-layer-damaging substances. And, since 2020, freon is no longer being imported or produced. If your cooling system uses freon, repairs and parts will be more difficult to come by and potentially very expensive to repair. Now is a good time to upgrade to a more environmentally friendly option.

If your energy bills have started to skyrocket over the past year.

Skyrocketing energy usage is a major sign that your heating and cooling system isn’t as efficient as it once was. Older systems have to work harder to produce the same amount of cooling or heating as a newer, more efficient system. A Home Energy Audit could help decipher the health of your HVAC systems and allow our technicians to tackle other issues that may threaten your whole-home comfort.

If your unit is blowing warm air or your home is humid.
Consistent cooling is a necessity in the summertime, and you definitely want the humidity to stay outside! Warm air and excessive humidity could be indications of clogs or leaks and if they are not addressed in a timely manner, could end the “should I replace my AC unit” debate for you.

Be sure to get ahead of costly repairs or replacements by scheduling regular maintenance or upgrading to remote maintenance.

If your current system makes loud noises when running.

The only sound that should be coming from your HVAC is the blowing of air. Any banging, whining, or clanking sounds should be addressed immediately. If you hear any of these sounds coming from your system, contact Minnick’s immediately to address the issue and hopefully avoid a replacement.

Are you ready to beat the heat?

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Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's
Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's
Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's
Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's
Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's
Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's
Beat The Summer Heat With Minnick's