is a home energy audit worth it?

Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?

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On average, energy costs for an American household are around $2,060 annually, yet 10-50% of the energy generated by these homes is wasted. By upgrading the energy efficiency of your home and getting a home energy audit completed on your home, you could lower a single $160 utility bill to $112. 

The term “energy efficient” may sound daunting, but did you know that there is a simple way to start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint at home? Scheduling a home energy audit to evaluate your home’s energy efficiency will benefit not only the environment but your wallet too!

What Is A Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit analyzes what aspects of your home utilize the most energy and pinpoint where energy loss occurs. After an auditor performs a series of inspections and tests around the property, the resulting data determines what regions contribute to your home’s inefficient energy usage. Read our guide to home energy audits here.

How Much Can You Save On Your Utility Bills With A Home Energy Audit?

Although the initial cost of services associated with improving your home’s energy efficiency may be a bit of an investment, it is projected that by implementing the energy efficiency upgrades recommended by your auditor, you could save 30% on your next electric bill! 

Many states and utility companies offer rebates to those who update their systems to be more energy-efficient. Here at Minnick’s, located in Laurel, Maryland, and servicing the central Maryland area, we guide you through the process and go over any qualifying rebates.

What An Auditor Looks For In An Audit

An energy auditor will inspect various areas of your home, test the efficiency of your HVAC system, assess for leaks, check the condition of insulation and ductwork, and confirm the ventilation is providing the best possible air quality inside your home. We also test carbon monoxide levels within the home, exhaust vents, and the safety of cooking appliances. We’ll analyze your utility bills and go over any health or safety concerns you might have before breaking down our recommendations.

Follow-Up Services For A Home Energy Audit

The experienced professionals at Minnick’s offer services that can remedy most causes of energy deficiency within the home, whether they be correlated to outdated equipment, insulation, air sealing issues, or the structural integrity of your ductwork.

Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?

It is beneficial to get professional advice specific to the needs of you and your home via a home assessment. Especially if saving money, reducing environmental impact, or improving the air quality in your home is the goal. 

It would be wise for new homeowners to have their home’s energy efficiency assessed to fully understand any renovations that may need to be incorporated into the budget. Older homes, in particular, would stand to gain a great deal from an energy audit, as most are still outfitted with outdated, ineffective materials and equipment. 

HVAC systems consume the highest amounts of energy within the home, so the heated or cooled air it produces must be contained within the home’s walls, while outside air remains outdoors. Poorly insulated attics, crawlspaces, and basements are another common source of energy loss that could be remedied with air and/or duct sealing or installing proper insulation.

Whether your reasons for wanting to be more energy efficient are for savings or to reduce your carbon footprint, Minnick’s data-driven action plan provides peace of mind with the knowledge that any energy efficiency upgrades you make in your home are a sound investment. Click here to schedule a home energy assessment appointment with Minnick’s to get your HVAC back on track today.

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Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?
Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?
Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?
Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?
Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?
Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?
Is A Home Energy Audit Worth It?