It should not be surprising that an HVAC system is the perfect environment for mold growth. By nature, HVAC systems create a lot of moisture and, if left unmanaged in a humid atmosphere, this creates a natural ecosystem for mold to thrive.

Mold can be extremely dangerous, especially to people who are particularly sensitive, and who might already have asthma or other allergies. Because mold spores are small and easily inhaled, it could be hazardous to live in a home that has mold.

How Can You Tell if You Have Mold in Your HVAC System?

Mold can be very hard to spot, but it does emit a musty, rank odor, and can aggravate asthma in sensitive people and cause headaches, skin irritation, and symptoms similar to hay fever. HVAC systems should be regularly inspected for moisture and mold.

What Should You Do if You Think You Have Mold in Your HVAC System?

  1. Contact a certified HVAC technician immediately, as mold can grow out of moisture in the span of j