Important question with HVAC replacement

The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC

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Important question with HVAC replacementUPDATED 2/28/2018 Replacement HVAC units come with all sorts of bells and whistles. Focusing on those is easy. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better! The actual performance depends on the condition of your home and the unit size. Both of these factors need to work in harmony or your comfort, and monthly energy bills will suffer. So, the most important question to ask when you replace your HVAC is this — “What size HVAC unit will work best for my home?”

Maryland HVAC replacement

Deciding to repair or replace your HVAC unit is a big decision since it’s a significant cost. That’s why you want to ask about the size. The replacement HVAC size has nothing to do with your old system. It’s a common mistake, one we see many “other” contractors making.

Old systems were nowhere near as efficient as the ones on the market today. You can efficiently cool or heat your home with a much smaller unit than what you have in your home.

If you can’t rely on the old HVAC unit to determine the right-sized equipment, what do you do? Make sure your contractor does a load calculation to determine the best size replacement HVAC for your home.

The contractor goes room by room, taking into account several factors. These include your home’s square footage, existing air sealing and insulation, number of windows, home’s construction, roof construction, exterior overhangs, insulation, air changes between inside and outside, the height of the ceiling, skylights, fireplaces, and the ductwork.

After evaluating all these areas, the HVAC technician will have accurate and reliable data about your heating and cooling needs.

Why HVAC sizes matter

Size matters with HVAC systems. So, the bigger one may not work best in your home.

An undersized unit will not be able to meet your demands, while an oversized unit will cost you money, especially during Maryland’s hot and humid summer, and cold winter.

Small units constantly work to maintain the desired temperature in your home. That means increased wear and tear. That over-taxes the system, so it doesn’t last as long. It also consumes more energy to run at maximum capacity all year.

For example, an efficient air conditioning unit takes between 8 and 10 minutes to run through a cycle. An oversized unit runs shorter cycles more frequently. This is inefficient and causes humidity. In the end, you’ll feel less comfortable and may experience issues with mold and allergies.

“It’s like getting in the car and putting the pedal to the metal. The same thing with a big unit. It comes on and blasts a bunch of cold air satisfying the thermostat in five minutes. It doesn’t run long enough to pull the humidity from the air,” explained Rob Minnick, CEO / President.

So, while the house may be cool it will likely still be clammy and humid with an oversized air conditioner.

If the HVAC system is too large for your home, you’ll also have high utility bills. You pay to heat and cool space that you don’t have in your home! It’s also difficult to achieve the right temperature in your home when your HVAC is too big. In addition, these units typically start and stop too often, which can lead to frequent malfunctions.

whole home action planWhole-Home Comfort

It’s also important to look at how your replacement heating or cooling equipment will fit in with the other systems in your home. These include your ductwork, insulation, and ventilation. They all work together as a team. Think of your house as one big system; the HVAC unit is just one player on the team.

Making sure your new HVAC unit works well with the rest of your house is the best way to guarantee you’ll lower your utility costs.

As pioneers in Whole-Home Comfort, we look at how everything works together. That is a critical piece of the equation when you’re purchasing a new HVAC system. Don’t choose a contractor who overlooks home performance. It’s the best way to guarantee you’ll lower your costs with your new unit.

Montgomery County HVAC Installation

Minnick’s technicians are highly trained to properly size and install HVAC equipment in Montgomery County and beyond.

We are so confident in our technicians that we guarantee quality installation of all HVAC systems. Once we complete the job, we ensure optimal performance, increased energy efficiency, lower utility bills, reduced carbon footprint, increased comfort, and more.

Plus, Minnick’s is an ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installer. The Department of Energy helps you choose the best equipment and the right contractor. This program ensures proper installation. That protects your investment and keeps future utility and maintenance costs low.

Other HVAC companies do not take the time and effort to ensure the contractor installed the unit properly. That’s a top priority at Minnick’s. We also offer financing, making replacing your HVAC equipment more affordable than you probably imagine.

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The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC
The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC
The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC
The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC
The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC
The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC
The Most Important Question To Ask When You Replace Your HVAC