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What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?

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Whole-Home ComfortWhen you think of your heating and cooling needs, do you automatically think about your furnace or air conditioner? Most homeowners do, but Whole-Home Comfort depends on so much more. The Smart Approach to Whole-Home Comfort looks at how your systems work together to improve the health and comfort of your home. 

Smart Approach to Whole-Home Comfort

It’s no wonder homeowners think of their furnace and air conditioner as the source of their comfort. After all, the HVAC industry sells the energy efficiency of products. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why so many people believe the equipment is responsible for how you feel in your home.

However, energy efficiency is only one piece of the comfort puzzle. Even the most energy-efficient heating or cooling system can’t deliver when there are other sources of energy loss.

Minnick’s is a pioneer in the Whole-Home approach to heating and cooling. Many factors affect your home’s efficiency. We focus on these “other” factors, like your insulation and ductwork. Then, we look at how they all work together. In addition, we analyze how your house breathes, how air flows, and how it controls moisture. As a result, you feel the highest level of comfort, experience the best indoor air quality and save money because your systems perform the best.

There are five steps to the Smart Approach to Whole-Home Comfort. It starts with measuring your comfort and discovering duct leaks and other sources of air loss.

Whole-Home Comfort


Energy Audit

An energy audit is a cost-effective way to test your home’s performance, to see how it works as a system. The auditor identifies areas of energy loss and solutions.

Pepco and BGE customers qualify for a special energy audit rate of just $100. That’s a savings of $300 with the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

First, a home energy auditor visually inspects your home, HVAC equipment, insulation, and ductwork.  measures your comfort level at home.

Secondly, the auditor also uses specialized equipment to test your home’s performance. This includes a blower door, which detects sources of air loss.

During the energy audit, the auditor also checks your home for dampness. Moisture directly affects your health and creates a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Ventilation is often overlooked, even though it’s the “V” in HVAC. It’s important to Whole-Home Comfort. That’s why the auditor checks your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry exhaust vents to make sure they’re offering proper ventilation.

The energy auditor also measures carbon monoxide levels to ensure your family’s safety.

Minnick’s offers customers a checklist of all the features offered in the Energy Audit. 

What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?

Whole-Home Action Plan

After the audit, Minnick’s provides homeowners a Whole-Home Action Plan. It’s an analysis of your test results. Plus, it includes proven ways to improve your comfort and home performance. Plus, it details possible energy rebates to lower the cost of improvements.

Minnick’s customers see savings quickly. They also experience fewer service calls, longer-lasting HVAC equipment, and better indoor air quality.

Smart Maintenance

Once you have an action plan, Smart Maintenance protects it and keeps you comfortable all year. Using custom sensors, smart technology remotely monitors your HVAC system every month. It also sends urgent HVAC alerts, predicting and preventing 80-percent of HVAC failures. Plus, you get updates on your home’s performance and efficiency.

The smart technology also provides you with never-before-seen data about the performance of your system. This information helps our customers save up to 20-percent on their energy bills.

Finally, Smart Maintenance verifies the installation of parts and repairs. It takes the worry out of HVAC ownership.

It’s the smart way to maintain your HVAC system and ensure comfort all the time.

It’s smart technology, but it’s not costly. We offer this protection for the price of a cup of coffee. It’s just $4 a month, or $49 a year, plus a one-time installation fee.

In Maryland, you’ll only find Smart Maintenance at Minnick’s.

With Smart Maintenance, you know how your HVAC performs all the time rather than just during an energy audit.

Energy Star Verified HVAC Installation

ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation

Even if you don’t choose Smart Maintenance, Minnick’s offers peace of mind installation. We’re part of the ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) program, which offers third-party verification at no cost to you.

The Environmental Protection Agency created this extra layer of protection because it estimates up to 50-percent of HVAC systems are not installed properly.

Plus, the EPA feels too many contractors focus only on the efficiency of a new HVAC unit rather than the other factors that it needs to run efficiently. That’s why it recently launched this program. It’s the best consumer protection because a third party verifies the installation of new equipment, at no cost to you. Homeowners also get an ENERGY STAR certificate.

As a leader in the Smart Approach to Whole-Home Comfort, Minnick’s is one of the only Maryland contractors offering third-party verification. For Maryland HVAC replacement, choose a contractor who stands behind their work.

If you need HVAC repair, choose Minnick’s.

Healthy Home, Healthy Living

An energy audit is the first step to achieve Whole-Home Comfort. Your health depends on your home’s performance. BGE and Pepco customers qualify for special energy audit pricing and rebates up to $7500. Enjoy Whole-Home Comfort for less today!

By taking the Whole-Home approach, you’ll achieve the highest level of comfort, performance, and efficiency.

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What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?
What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?
What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?
What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?
What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?
What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?
What Is The Smart-Approach To Whole-Home Comfort?