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Smart Maintenance: Why It’s Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement

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As a family-owned company for more than 63 years, Minnick’s doesn’t believe traditional HVAC maintenance agreements benefit the consumer. We turned the HVAC industry on its head in 2012 and stopped offering maintenance agreements. We’re once again leading the way again with innovative technology that offers an even smarter maintenance option — Smart Maintenance.

Smart Maintenance

Maryland Smart Maintenance

Smart Maintenance uses cutting-edge technology to make your HVAC system smart. It predicts and prevents breakdowns and protects your Whole-Home Comfort.

We offer monthly monitoring and urgent alerts. Get 12 remote maintenance checks a year, for just $49, plus installation.

With Smart Maintenance, costly and uncomfortable breakdowns during the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter are less likely.

Custom sensors detect up to 80-percent of HVAC issues before they happen. The Smart Maintenance system alerts you to a clogged filter, failing part, and declining energy efficiency.

Smart Maintenance also delivers never before seen information about your HVAC system, including performance and efficiency data. That way you save energy, extend the life of your HVAC system and increase your comfort.

Also, Smart Maintenance verifies accurate repairs and installation of new equipment. Take the worry out of HVAC ownership with Smart Maintenance.

Smart Maintenance customers also receive priority benefits, through Minnick’s FREE VIP Club. You receive front-of-the-line service, same-day appointments, no upcharge for after-hours, weekend or holiday service, and a 10-percent discount on service and parts.

Plus, if you get an urgent HVAC alert, identifying a problem before it occurs, you won’t be charged a service fee to diagnose and repair the problem.

Minnick’s is the exclusive Smart Maintenance provider in Maryland, serving Howard, Montgomery, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, and Baltimore City counties.

Take a look at our Smart Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and contact us if you have a question about making your HVAC system smart!

Smart Maintenance pLUS

Smart Maintenance is an affordable option to maintain your HVAC system monthly, starting at just $49 a year plus installation.

While it’s a great way to get never before seen information on your energy use, we still recommend once a year HVAC maintenance. That allows a trained technician to inspect, clean, and analyze your system in addition to the electronic data captured monthly.

That’s why we also offer Smart Maintenance pLUS. It includes annual maintenance. You’ll only pay $199 a year, plus installation, for that service!

You can’t beat these prices for smart technology and an unprecedented look at how to save money on your utility bills while increasing Whole-Home Comfort.

Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is important to protect your comfort and prevent breakdowns. Minnick’s understands smart technology isn’t for every customer. That’s why we also offer Simple Maintenance.

You get service twice a year with Simple Maintenance, typically in the fall and spring before the heating and cooling seasons.

During the fall, the HVAC technician will inspect, clean, and tune-up your furnace. In the spring, your air conditioner will get a tune-up.

These checkups keep your system running more efficiently, lower your utility bills, keep you safe, prevent breakdowns, protect your comfort, and improve indoor air quality.

Free VIP Club

Both Smart Maintenance and Simple Maintenance customers qualify for our FREE VIP Club. We created this rewards program in 2012, as an alternative to traditional maintenance agreements. It’s available to every customer.

Our FREE VIP Club rewards customers for doing the right thing, maintaining your HVAC system.

Earn discounts for annual heating and cooling maintenance checks, water heater maintenance, checking in on Facebook when a tech arrives, and liking Minick’s on Facebook.

One point equals 1 dollar of Minnick’s Money. You can use Minnick’s Money toward future repairs or service.

Plus, you receive incentives, a 10-percent discount on service and parts, and priority service with same-day appointments.

We’ll also call to remind you to schedule HVAC maintenance. If you’re a Smart Maintenance customer, you’ll only need an annual maintenance visit rather than checks in the spring and the fall.

Minnick’s VIP Club is a FREE rewards club without any fine print. As a V.I.P. Club member, you will never have to pay upfront, even though you are still receiving the same discounts toward service and parts.

The problem with traditional maintenance agreements

Minnick’s is leading the way with this new smart technology, as the only Maryland heating and cooling company to offer it.

We believe it provides more benefits to homeowners than you’d ever receive with an annual maintenance or HVAC service plan.

With a traditional maintenance agreement, which we haven’t offered since 2012, homeowners pay a fixed amount of money for HVAC service. You expect coverage if a part breaks that’s expensive to repair or replace. However, maintenance agreements rarely protect the homeowner as expected,

These agreements are full of fine print, and many homeowners don’t realize it or don’t pay attention to it. That fine print usually includes:

  • restrictions and exclusions against covering certain parts or units;
  • price increases for services to cover the cost of the agreement
  • the huge profit that companies make when nothing breaks.

For most HVAC businesses, maintenance agreements are a great way to secure money upfront for a service that may, or may not, take place.

First, many homeowners will forget to schedule their annual or semi-annual maintenance. So, homeowners pay for a service they never got.

Second, HVAC service agreements often don’t cover malfunctioning parts/units. Maintenance contracts are full of those little asterisks at the bottom of the page, right next to the barely-legible fine print, excluding parts that are more likely to break or are the most expensive to fix.

And what about the homeowners who do schedule covered maintenance service? Some HVAC service technicians rush through repairs rather than spending the extra time to do the work right.

It’s in the company’s best interest to spend the least amount of time possible, often only 15-20 minutes, inspecting your HVAC system for any obvious problems. Time is money, so they need to get in and get out. Also, companies overlook repairs if they’re on the hook for it. Conversely, they’ll alert you to broken parts not covered in the service agreement. The entire arrangement is fraught with conflicts of interest.

The smart way to maintenance

That’s why Minnick’s offers customers Smart and Simple Maintenance, with VIP benefits. Pay for the service you want. Then, earn FREE rewards for it. That’s the smart way to maintain your HVAC system.

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Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement
Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement
Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement
Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement
Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement
Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement
Smart Maintenance: Why It's Better Than A HVAC Service Agreement