hvac serviceWinter is known for its low humidity, but it can make your home’s indoor air dry too. Drafts or poor attic insulation can pull in dry air from outside, which can keep your home from maintaining a normal humidity level.

This might not seem like a big problem for some folks. Just put on a little extra lotion and you’re good to go. But continuous exposure to dry air can cause a lot of problems including the following three issues:

  1. High utility bills. A jump in your utility bill isn’t always because the weather outside is frightful. It could be a sign that your HVAC system is working harder than necessary to keep your home warm. Contact your HVAC service to see if the problem could be your insulation or if you need an HVAC repair.
  2. Higher chances of getting sick. The upper part of your respiratory system is lined with moist membranes designed to capture viruses and bacteria before they can infect you. When the air is too dry, these membranes in your throat and nose can lose moisture and they can’t do their job correctly. Consider getting a humidifier for your home and bedroom to fight back against viruses.
  3. Housing damage. It isn’t only your skin, throat, and nose that can suffer in the dry air. Your home can also suffer from damage. When the air is too dry, moisture is pulled from the floorboards and wood frames. You might notice the floor creaks more or your door jamb has shifted. The furnishings inside your home can be damaged by dry air, too. You might notice a warping of your wooden chairs or table. Paper items like books and artwork can also become brittle, wrinkled, or warped.

Need help properly insulating an attic?

Approximately 75% of no-heat calls to HVAC services during the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. The harder your HVAC system needs to work, the higher your utility bills and the faster your HVAC system will lose power.

The good news is you can keep your HVAC system from overworking itself and lower your utility bills with a proper attic insulation installation. Contact Minnicks for more information on our icynene spray foam insulation and HVAC repair services today.