home efficiencyWhen well taken care of, an HVAC system can make your home more comfortable all year round. Now that the summer months are coming to a close and fall is almost upon us, you should go over a few things to be sure your HVAC service is ready to handle the chill.

Avoid Turning it On And Off Often

The temperature can fluctuate wildly during the early and mid-fall months. Some days it’s 65 degrees Fahrenheit, other days it’s 80, sometimes it’s both in the same day. For the sake of your system, avoiding turning it on and off frequently in a one to three-day span. It’s tempting in the fall, but it can result in high utility bills and even damage to the system. Use fans on bearably warm days to help circulate air in the home.

Check Your Insulation

Your HVAC can only do its job well if your home efficiency holds up. Your house has to hold the cold and hot air it creates. As you head into colder months where you’ll eventually need heat, check your basement, crawl space, and attic insulation. If needed, invest in some spray foam insulation to fill in the gaps. The EPA estimates that sealing leaks and adding more insulation where needed could cut a homeowner’s energy bills by around 20%, which is especially useful in the cold holiday season. Make sure no furry critters are nesting in the insulation, either — they could chew up insulation, cause an unhygienic mess, and even start electrical fires.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Fall cleaning is as important as spring! You should be cleaning out or changing your air filter often in the warmer months anyway, but especially at the end of the season. Remember all the debris and fallen leaves that can clog up your outdoor HVAC component in fall. Whenever possible, check for blockages and clear away sticks and other detritus. On top of those, make sure the clutter in your home that can accumulate over summer months isn’t blocking any registers, vents, or filters.

If you think your HVAC needs repair or replacement, make sure to call a professional ASAP. Not only does it benefit you to get things patched up quickly, but it also benefits the HVAC repair servicers. They’re generally busy making all kinds of emergency house calls in the middle of summer or winter. Prioritize your home efficiency and comfort as soon as possible!