For some, the garage is nothing more than a glorified storage unit, packed ceiling to floor with boxes, heirlooms, and all of those housewarming gifts that weren’t even worth opening. For others, the garage is actually a place to park their vehicles (crazy, we know). And yet others find unique uses for their garages. Some people turn their garages into their own workshop. Some people even turn their garages into exercise rooms. Some people…well, you get the idea. There are a million and one uses for the garage. And because so many people use their garages for more than a place to park their cars, it is not uncommon to find garages air conditioned. However, there is right way and a wrong way to air condition a garage.


The Wrong Way to Air Condition a Garage

Issue #1: For starters, only air condition your garage if it needs to be air conditioned. If it’s just going to be used as a garage, there’s no need to air condition it all. Period. Unless you really, really, really can’t stand being out of the air conditioning for that 10 second walk from your car to the house. It’s a waste of energy that will provide very little benefit.

Issue #2: If there is a good reason to air condition the garage, it is still important to make sure things are done the right way: balanced air flow, proper sizing, etc. Otherwise, you could still find yourself wasting energy.

The Right Way to Air Condition a Garage

If you really want to or need to air condition the garage, it is best to install a separate system. We would suggest a mini-split heat pump or air conditioner. These systems are small, don’t require ductwork, and are very energy efficient. They can also be turned off when they aren’t needed. That’s what we like to call a win-win.


Minnick’s technicians are highly trained to properly size and install HVAC equipment, ensuring maximum performance and savings. We are so confident in our technicians that we guarantee a quality installation of all HVAC systems. Once the job is complete, we ensure: optimal performance, increased energy efficiency, lower utility bills, reduced carbon footprint, increased comfort, and more by doing a ACCA Quality Installation per the ACCA QI 5 Standard.