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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort

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You are probably familiar with the term indoor air quality, but do you know what it is? And do you know how to improve it to keep yourself and your family healthy? Read on to learn more about what indoor air quality is and also about ways to improve it.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

The EPA says “Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.” If the indoor air quality is poor in your home, you may experience immediate effects or effects that you realize years later. Immediate effects usually show up as upper respiratory issues, headaches, fatigue, and dizziness. Long-term effects can include life-threatening illnesses or certain types of cancers.

How Can I Measure My Indoor Air Quality?

The first step is to call and schedule an appointment for an indoor air quality inspection. Minnick’s will do the following when they come out: check for any leaks by inspecting cracks, looking at the attics and crawl spaces for any leaks or any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), check your existing air conditioning and furnace unit for any problems in the ventilation system, and check for humidity levels.

Hayward Score

Another way to measure the quality of air in your home is by using the Hayward Score. By answering a few questions, The Hayward Score can give you information on how to make your home healthier. By using this information, you can determine what needs to be done to help you and your family.

How Can I Immediately Improve My Indoor Air Quality?

Minnick’s can provide whole-house humidity control, air sealing, duct upgrades, and more. In addition, buying indoor plants, changing air filters, controlling humidity, cleaning carpets regularly, and cleaning the air ducts are great ways to get started. For more information on those things, check out our other blog: Indoor Air Quality: The Effects on Your Health and How to Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Air Quality and Ductwork

The ductwork in your home has a significant impact on your overall air quality. If your air conditioner or furnace isn’t performing well, it can cause poor air circulation. Poor air circulation can lead to other problems such as headaches, lethargy, and eventually upper respiratory issues.

If your ductwork is too big or too small, it can also affect the indoor air quality of your home. A good HVAC technician can properly fit the ductwork in your home so that the air returns can be positioned where you can prevent air problems such as drafts and leaks that lead to poor air quality.

Ways to Improve Home Comfort

There are many ways to improve home comfort such as:

  • Having a high-quality HVAC system. Getting a good HVAC system will help remove contaminants in the air, which helps with the air quality. And living in the Maryland area, these systems work especially hard with the heat in the summer and the ice and snow in the winter.
  • Planting outdoor plants is another great way to improve air quality in your home. Not only do they look pretty and help with curb appeal, but outdoor plants also filter out unwanted air particles from entering your home.
  • Replacing your carpet if it is more than 8 years old. If you have someone with allergies in the home, going with floorings such as wood or vinyl will help the indoor air quality by preventing dust and other particles from getting trapped in your home and getting kicked up every time you walk.

Good air quality is essential for our everyday well-being. Minnick’s can help. Call Minnick’s for an indoor air quality assessment of your home. They will provide you with solutions to help you breathe easier. Contact us today.

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Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort
Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort