Whole-House humidifier vs portable

3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice

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Whole-House humidifier vs portableUPDATED 4/4/2018 It sure looks pretty when snow coats the ground during the winter. We need that beautiful scenery because there are many unpleasant effects of that cold, dry air outside. It increases allergy symptoms such as dry noses, itchy skin, and sore throats. It also contributes to respiratory problems like asthma. A whole-house humidifier may help improve some of these symptoms.

When a child gets sick or congested, many parents pull out the portable humidifier. It’s a great way to increase the humidity in a room, including the child’s nasal passages.

However, think about how a humidifier can help your family, beyond just a sick child. They have many benefits, which is why a whole-home humidifier may be the better option.

Whole-House Humidifier vs. Portable Humidifier

Although most homeowners feel as though portable humidifiers are adequate to moisten the air, whole-house humidifiers have more advantages.

With a portable humidifier, you have to clean the water reservoir frequently to avoid mold. Plus, they only work in a small space.

On the flip side, whole-house humidifiers need very little maintenance and make the air less dry, especially in the winter. During your regular heating and cooling maintenance, your HVAC contractor will check the unit to make sure it’s working properly and replace the humidifier filter if needed.

While whole-home humidifiers offer great benefits, you need to check the filter regularly. Otherwise, you’re sending mold throughout your home.

Also, check the humidity levels. You want your humidity to be between 30 and 50-percent. Those quick checks are the biggest maintenance items.

Secondly, whole-house humidifiers cost less money because you’re impacting the air in your entire home rather than just one room. Humidified air holds heat better than dry air. So, you can lower the temperature when you add a humidifier to your HVAC system. That saves money.

Third, a portable humidifier is noisy. With a whole-house humidifier, you’d never know it’s part of your heating and cooling system unless you looked at the HVAC system.

HVAC contractors install whole-house humidifiers in the blower system of the house’s furnace. It draws water directly from the furnace’s water supply and deposits water molecules into the air.

Whole-Home Comfort

At Minnick’s, we’re pioneers in Whole-Home Comfort. We believe your comfort depends on your home performs as one system. Often, air leaks are the biggest reason you’re not comfortable at home. Whether you’re too warm, too cold, or the indoor air is too dry.

A humidifier is a solution may homeowners use to improve their cracked hands. While it helps, chapped hands may be a sign of more than just the time of year. Of course, they’re common in the winter. However, your dry hands, leaky ductwork or overventilation may make them worse.

Most homes leak air allowing the cold, dry winter air to enter your home. There are common drafts like around windows and doors, and then there are hidden air leaks that only a trained energy auditor can find with special equipment. While each leak may be small, when you consider all of the leaks together, you have a more significant problem.

An energy audit finds home performance problems. It also provides solutions, including available rebates to make energy-efficient improvements.

It’s money well-spent, considering it provides a whole-home solution.

While the humidifier adds moisture back to the air in the entire home, it’s only one piece of the Whole-Home Comfort puzzle. Your ductwork, HVAC system, insulation and more all play a role in how you feel at home. When you take a whole-home approach, you’ll make sure you’re solving the problem with the best solution. There are pros and cons to using a humidifier. It all depends on how your home performs as a whole system.

Do you use a portable humidifier or a whole-home unit?

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3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice
3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice
3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice
3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice
3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice
3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice
3 Reasons A Whole-House Humidifier Is The Best Choice