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Spray Foam vs Cellulose Insulation: What’s Better for Your Home?

Spray Foam v Cellulose Chart

Are you looking to insulate your home but unsure of which insulation material you should choose? Your home’s insulation helps lower your heating and cooling costs by keeping your heat from escaping outside during the winter and slowing down heat from entering during the summer. Minnick’s helps homeowners maintain comfortable indoor temperatures with a combination… Read more »

Understanding the Differences in Types of Insulation

In the winter, heat from your heating system rises to the top of your house. An under-insulated attic will allow heat to pass right through your roof. If you’re under-insulated, you are losing heat, and cold air can easily enter. Air sealing is the first step in proper insulation. Air sealing is the practice of… Read more »


If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you have heard us ramble on about the benefits of proper attic insulation. Not only can insulation help cut energy bills by 20%, but it can also increase comfort and even reduce the risk of ice dams. That’s a win-win if we have ever heard one. So… Read more »


Are flex ducts efficient

Did you know that the average home uses approximately 46% of consumed energy on heating and cooling? Yikes! Fortunately, there are several ways to curb energy use, from sealing air leaks to AC maintenance and attic insulation. THE IMPORTANCE OF ATTIC INSULATION If you have visited our blog before, you may have read that properly… Read more »

How To Find Out If Your Insulation Works


When winter is around the corner, homeowners rush to make their home warmer. HVAC maintenance helps, but to achieve Whole-Home Comfort your home needs good insulation too. The cost-effective way to find out how to keep your home warm all winter long, without paying more for heat.