How Air Leaks Affect the Home

How Air Leaks Affect Your Home

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Some air leaks can be fairly easy to detect and may be in the most obvious places, like a gap underneath your front door. Others may be hidden in your attic, air ducts, or even your foundation. Regardless of if you can see them or not, they can be costing you a lot of money! Kick start your savings with these tips to save you money by air sealing your home.

What Are Air Leaks

Home air leaks are spaces like cracks or gaps in your house that allow air to escape or penetrate your home. Sometimes they are obvious, and you can either see or feel them, like damaged weather stripping around your door or a draft from a window. Other times they can come from improper air sealing and insulation or even minuscule cracks that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

The Cost of Air Leaks In Your Home

When heating or cooling your home, you’d like to keep the temperature of the air that you’re using energy to create inside your home, right? Most homes can actually end up wasting 10-50% of the energy they procure trying to keep their indoors comfortably heated and cooled. This could be costing you much more in utility bills than you should be spending and, in turn, growing your carbon footprint.

Attics and basements are some of the biggest culprits of home air leaks. They can cost just as much as running your furnace or AC and leaving your windows open! Proper insulation and air sealing are crucial in these areas to keep utility bills low and home humidity levels in the proper zone.

When air sealing contractors are insulating a home, they also ensure proper ventilation as insulation and ventilation go hand-in-hand. This helps control the indoor air quality and humidity levels in your home. When a home is not properly sealed, issues like humidity could lead to mold and compromise the quality of the air you are breathing.

Whole home comfort is not just a physical feeling, but also knowing that your family’s health is protected as well. 

How To Detect Air Leaks

Feel around your door and window frames for any drafts. Even hardware like door knobs and locking mechanisms can have air leaks if they are loose and not secured properly. Using a flashlight in the dark, you can actually point the flashlight at a window frame, door frame, or hardware and see if the light shines through. If it does, you’ve found a leak!

Some air leaks are very slight, and you may not notice them just by looking but rather feeling. Are you feeling a cold spot in your home near a baseboard or electrical outlet? That’s a tell-tale sign you may have a leak there. To go a step further, you can use incense to find the exact location of the leak. However, this type of leak detection is a little more intensive.

You’ll need to start by making sure all exterior windows and doors are closed, your HVAC system is set to OFF and you have no fans on; check ceiling fans, kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans too. Light your incense and hold it steady so that the smoke is rising straight up in the air. Slowly move the incense closer to the area you think may have a leak. If the smoke shifts to a 90-degree angle, you’ve found your leak!

The hardtofind leaks that may be hidden from sight are where we come in! Whether you are just beginning your air leak search or you feel as though you’ve exhausted all options, a Home Energy Audit can safeguard your home from air leaks by identifying problem areas and air sealing them.

Best Ways to Reduce Air Leaks

There are a lot of inexpensive ways to reduce air leaks yourself. Caulking gaps between materials like baseboards and the wall or outlets and the wall inserts might not seem like a big deal but not doing so could cost you excess energy. Inspect and replace weather stripping around doors when it becomes jagged or loose and use deadbolts and window locks often to seal entryways just that much tighter.

If you have the option, we suggest choosing spray foam insulation over fiberglass insulation. Spray foam is watertight and it is much more resistant to moisture. At Minnick’s, our air sealing company uses a combination of spray foam, caulk and other sealants to maximize your home comfort.

How to Tell If Your HVAC System Has an Air Leak

If you’ve insulated and airsealed all of the visible air leaks that you could find, and you’re still feeling cold spots, drafts, or your energy bill is still very high, there is a good chance there is an air leak somewhere in your HVAC system. It’s time to call an air sealing company to complete a Home Energy Audit.

Home Energy Audits are designed to optimize home comfort and home health. A Minnick’s technician will, among many other things, conduct an inspection of your ductwork, insulation, and HVAC equipment and complete a blower door test to search for hidden air leaks throughout the home.

Why Air Sealing Your Home Can Be A Great Option for Air Leaks

Did you know the air in your home is sometimes more polluted than outdoor air? To increase your home comfort and your indoor air quality, seal air leaks before they have a chance to compromise your health or damage your home.

Extreme temperature fluctuation throughout the house is not only uncomfortable physically but also financially. Reducing air leaks helps you save on energy bills, shrink your carbon footprint and be more environmentally friendly.

HVAC units can be relatively pricey. You’ll want to do everything you can to extend the lifespan of your system, including helping it work as efficiently as possible. A longer lifespan for your HVAC equipment means more money in your pocket!

Call an HVAC Professional in Laurel, MD

Need an air sealing contractor near me? Our air sealing insulation service professionals are just a call away! Scheduling a home air sealing service will keep your utility bill low, your efficiency high, and your temperatures just right. Minnick’s is the air sealing company to call for insulation contractors in Laurel, Maryland. For more information on spray foam insulation installers in 20707 County, call Minnick’s today.

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How Air Leaks Affect Your Home
How Air Leaks Affect Your Home
How Air Leaks Affect Your Home
How Air Leaks Affect Your Home
How Air Leaks Affect Your Home
How Air Leaks Affect Your Home
How Air Leaks Affect Your Home