flush your water heater the right way

How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way

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hot water heater maintenanceWho wants to take a cold shower? It’s unpleasant in the summer and especially in the winter. Your comfort depends on your plumbing. The water heater offers warm water all year round. That’s why it’s important to maintain it, by flushing your water heater at least once a year. 

Hot water is a staple of life for cooking, bathing, laundry, and cleaning. Homeowners rarely talk about their water heater until they turn on the faucet or shower and don’t have hot water. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, or you’ll be left in the cold when you least expect it.

Simple water heater maintenance goes a long way toward protecting your Whole-Home Comfort. Plus, flushing is a proven way to make your water heater last longer.

Flushing your water heater

Water sits in your water heater 24/7, 365 days a year. Loose minerals in the water eventually build up into sediment, which can damage the equipment if not properly flushed.

Manufacturers recommend flushing at least once a year. If you have hard water, flushing more often may be necessary.

Flushing removes sediment, calcium, rust, and sand.

While you can flush your own water heater, it’s best to have a plumber perform the service. You have to turn off the power and water, plus a plumber checks the secret component to preserving the life of the water heater. It’s a part most homeowners don’t know about, and likely can’t replace on their own.

flush your water heater the right waySecret to your water heater’s life

The average water heater lasts 8 to 12 years. Regular flushing extends the life of your water heater because it removes sediment.

Plus, during regular maintenance of your water heater, the plumber checks the anode rod. It’s responsible for preserving the life of your water heater. It’s a part of the water heater few people know exists.

The rod attracts the rust and other corrosive material in the water, protecting the tank and cleaning your water. That’s why some heating and cooling experts call it the sacrificial rod, or the sacrificial lamb.

Without the rod, your water tank wouldn’t last as long. Rust would ruin it.

It’s recommended to check the rod every three years because the rod doesn’t last as long as the water heater. If you use a heating and cooling company, the plumber will notice signs of wear and tear.

If your rod needs replacement, Angie’s List recommends a plumber perform the work. They point out the position of the rod makes it difficult to remove and replace.

Rods are only in standard water heaters. You won’t find them in tankless systems.

Why you need a plumber

While flushing your water heater is a great way to maintain your system, you have to be careful. That’s another reason why you should hire a plumber to do the work.

You may not want to flush the system if you’ve never flushed the water heater and its several years old. That’s because you’ll break the seal, and may cause it to leak.

Minnick’s plumber has the expertise to tell you what’s best to protect your water heater.

Since the fall is a great time to flush your water heater, we offer a Winter Preparation Package. This includes water heater flushing, outdoor plumbing checks, and annual HVAC maintenance. If you book all three services at once, you’ll get a $50 discount. Be proactive, so you’re not left in the cold!

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How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way
How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way
How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way
How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way
How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way
How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way
How To Flush A Water Heater The Right Way