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Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?

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Minnick's plumbing maintenanceLeaky pipes create big messes and lead to big repair and water bills. The EPA estimates you can save 10-percent on your water bills by fixing water leaks. A plumbing check can spot water leaks so you don’t waste money. 

Plumbing repairs

Plumbing leaks often go undetected until you see the damage. That’s because the pipes are on walls or small spaces that you don’t check all the time.

The first sign of a problem may be mold, bubbling paint or a large water bill.

A plumbing check can spot plumbing leaks before they become a more costly repair.

Outdoor plumbing checks

After months of sitting idle, our garden hose gets lots of use in the spring and summer.

During a spring plumbing check, a trained plumber looks for leaking hoses and outdoor faucets.

Outdoor plumbing leaks are common where the hose and outdoor spigot connect.

You may have more problems if you left your hose attached to the spigot during the winter. That’s because it’s likely that water remained inside the garden hose, and that water froze and thawed repeatedly during the winter. That expansion and contraction of the water can burst the pipe or create a leak in the pipe that supplies water to the hose.

You may not notice the water problem immediately because the pipes are often located in your home’s wall. Even worse, the leaky pipe could go unnoticed for years.

Water leaking in your wall for an extended period of time creates a perfect environment for mold to grow. That can create health problems for your family.

For a spring plumbing check, experts also look for shutoff valves for outside faucets. The shutoff valve is like a master switch to turn off outdoor plumbing fixtures. This is important in the case of a plumbing emergency. The shutoff valve can minimize water damage if a pipe bursts or leaks. The plumber will see if your home has one, and make sure it works properly.

It’s important to also check for leaks in outdoor kitchen faucets. The elements take a toll on outdoor plumbing fixtures so leaks happen on outdoor faucets.

Homeowners should also check to make sure their downspouts and gutters are draining. Leaves collect during the fall and block the flow of water.

Keep an eye out for bird nests in gutters during the spring. Once the birds have left their nests, clear out the gutter so spring rainwater can drain.

Indoor plumbing services

While the pipes and faucets inside your home are not exposed to the elements, it’s critical to inspect them. Especially since they get more use.

Leaky toilets are a big indoor plumbing problem.

A leaky toilet can drain your wallet with high sewer and water bills. If you use a septic tank, the bill could be even higher.

Toilets are used often, so they require maintenance.

A plumber will make sure your toilet isn’t running too long between flushes. He’ll also look for hidden leaks. While the toilet makes a lot of noise, you won’t hear every problem.

We use our toilet often, so they need maintenance. Sometimes parts like the flapper or wax seal, which secures the toilet to the ground, need replacing.

A plumber also looks at the hot and cold water supply lines. Over time, they break down and rupture. With regular maintenance, a plumber can spot deterioration of the pipes before they break.

Washing machine hoses need regular checks as well. With each movement your machine makes to clean clothes, the hoses can become loose or wear over time.

Finally, an indoor plumbing check looks for corroded pipes, deteriorating traps, and plugged drains under your sink.

Plumbing leaks can cost you big money

We expect water to flow when we turn our faucets off and on during the day, but even though water is flowing, you can have a hidden water leak.

According to the EPA, household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons of water a year.

This costly problem is easy to avoid with regular maintenance of your indoor and outdoor plumbing system.

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Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?
Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?
Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?
Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?
Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?
Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?
Are You Wasting Money On Plumbing Leaks?