Minnick’s VIP Loyalty Rewards Club

Joining is easy and fast

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Earn 10% Cashback On All Service & Parts

Minnick’s VIP Loyalty Rewards Club PLUS members receive 10% cashback on all repair service and parts. 

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Priority Scheduling

Want to skip to the front of the line? Minnick’s VIP Loyalty Rewards Club members enjoy priority scheduling to receive service before other non-VIP customers.

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Maintenance Reminders

During the peaks of summer and winter, many homeowners realize they need their home’s heating and cooling system maintenanced. During this time it’s common for HVAC companies to become quickly booked to capacity. 

To avoid our VIP members from having to wait for service during busy times, we send out scheduling reminders to allow VIP members to schedule service sooner than later. 

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Earn Minnick’s Money

There are lots of ways to earn Minnick’s Money. You earn points for booking service, liking our Facebook page, or referring a friend. Every point of Minnick’s Money = $1 USD which can be used towards the cost of future service.

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Lot’s Of Ways To Earn

The Minnick’s VIP Loyalty Rewards Club program allows you to earn points for taking certain actions such as leaving reviews or providing referrals. It’s easy to rack up Minnick’s Money and use it to pay for service and parts.

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Ready To Join The VIP Club?

As you can see, there are many ways to earn points, and great benefits from being a VIP. You’ll also receive $25 in reward points just for joining. 

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